LETS BE HONEST.. I will NOT let people tell me who I AM.

As a young child growing up I would try to fit the needs of other people. Constantly fighting an endless battle of molding myself to be more like "everyone else." My parents divorced when I was just in kindergarten. They both had different rules and of course personalities. I felt as if I needed to be someone different to fit their needs. This caused a lot of id entity issues within myself. Who am I? What should I look like? Am I enough? Am I beautiful enough? Am I friendly enough? Yet, the answer was always right in front of me. I AM a child of God. I will NOT let the words that have been spoken over me by people define who I am. I AM enough. I will continuously learn more and more self love each and every day, as well as learning how to be the best ME I can be without trying to mold myself into someone I am not. Please apply this to your life however you can.  I feel like especially in todays society we look up to un-realistic people or standards instead of embracing who we truly are. So I encourage you to be the best YOU that you can be.  You are more than the words that people have spoken over you, and you are better than the names people have branded you as. You are UNIQUE and perfectly created. Don't forget that!



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