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Hello world, my name is Alara Ceri, and I've been tested positive for Hollywood… The term 'Hollywood Positive' started off as an inside joke, making fun of all the cliches only Los Angelino's would understand. I then turned that joke into a hit comedy show; debuting in LA and again in Detroit. After two successful years of my clever idea as a stage performance, I wanted to do it yet again. I picked out a popular theater in town, I got everyone excited for the event this summer, and then… I developed writers block. I had to re-write a lot of the play, because, as a writer, you never want to write the same autobiographical show three times -- a lot happens in three years. You continue to make mistakes you can poke fun at on stage, but they're never the same mistakes, and I just couldn't write the script. I started thinking about the audience and if they'd think I'm funny way more than cathartically writing for my self. For months I'd start an idea, develop characters, write the first 5 pages, then get frustrated and quit. I thought about opening night and the critics. I thought about my friends sitting in the audience. I put pressure on myself in all the wrong ways and I knew I was doing it; I wasn't in the characters. I was in my head. I was trapped with my thoughts and the only thing I was honest, vulnerable, and cathartic with was… Twitter. [text_divider type="double"] [/text_divider] I would tweet all day long. All my thoughts on writers, actors, directors, the industry, frustration over resistance, fighting for your say in the world, creativity, love, hate, sarcasm, joy, people, the truth, the funny stuff, you name it -- I tweet it. Social media is one outlet I had no qualms being myself on, and because of that -- people read me. My account started attracting a ton of followers. I became a self deprecating inspirational speaker. Odd and relatable. So relatable, I had @OneLuckySoul message me. "You have interesting stuff. We should collaborate." Oh right, I thought. "This must be spam." However, I wrote back, I'm too curious not to. He introduced himself, "I'm Vinnie." Oh jeez, I thought. A guy! You can't trust a strange man in real life, let alone the internet. For some reason I wrote back. What's the worst that can happen? I tweet about leaning in, and taking opportunities. I might as well practice what I preach. And besides, I believe everything happens for a reason and you should never close the door on an opportunity before opening it to see what's inside. The next thing I know, I'm meeting a man for lunch I met on twitter who's telling me he likes my brand and wants to collaborate on ideas for clothing. The rest is history. [text_divider type="double"] [/text_divider] I couldn't believe how similar our message to the world was. My lucky soul genuinely likes Hollywood Positive, and I genuinely love My Lucky Soul. I never expected my comedy show to become a movement. How can it? It's a play! It wasn't until Lucky Soul opened up the idea in my head, that, it doesn't have to be one thing. You don't have to live inside the smallness of your mind -- you can venture, explore, create, get messy, try new things, take chances, risk it all. So I leaned in yet again. I said "hell yes, let's work together, let's change the world, and make a difference." All from a 2am twitter rant on how I can't bring forth that with which is in me. It's moments like these that validate my beliefs on letting go, and letting God. God being nature, totality, whatever it is you believe in that resembles a force way bigger than you. I am one lucky soul. I was discovered on twitter and that's the most Hollywood Positive thing that's happened to me all year. Live out LOUD, Alara
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