Monday mornings don’t have to be horrible! With this one tip your mornings will be transformed!

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  I don’t know about you, but Monday mornings for me are a struggle. When the alarm clock strikes 6am my whole mood goes down the drain, the exhaustion hits, and the grogginess is REAL. This one health tip has changed my Monday’s to be nothing but exciting!

  What is it?! The anticipation is killing you.. right? Well, it’s so simply amazing! Green tea! A warm cup of green tea and honey (or any natural sweetener for flavor) can change the mornings you’re dreading. Green tea provides caffeine, reduces risks of cardiovascular disease, is a great antioxidant, kills bacteria within the mouth, increases fat burning, and so many more health benefits. Who knew one cup a day can seriously be life-changing in a positive and healthy way?!

  Personally coffee wakes me up, but I find that it also has the ability to have the “caffeine crash” effect on me later on. Green tea provides caffeine. An amount large enough to wake you up and get energized, but small enough so that it won’t crash you. Since I have started my 1 cup of green tea in the mornings routine I have noticed an increase in movement within the digestive system, weight loss, clearer skin, and lots of energy in the morning. It seems silly, but I promise it will change your life. Have an amazing Monday Lucky Souls. I encourage all of you to find healthy alternatives to energize and excite you for your mornings!

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