Mega Miracle Day


[video width="794" height="794" mp4="http://myluckysoul.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/MMM-Thank-You-Final.mp4"][/video] Mega Miracle Day is a celebration wrapping up the Make March Matter campaign as well as a thank you event for all corporate partners. The day was filled with positive energy and go get’em mentalities. Supporters walked the JW Marriot hallways even more energized about our partnership with CHLA and the impact that we are having on the hospital. Mega Miracle Day (6) Children’s Hospital Los Angeles offers aid to ALL families, whether they have the best insurance or no insurance at all – it is our fundraising dollars that help make this possible. It is great to know we are extending a helping hand and even more so to hear testimonials of children who have survived death threatening diseases due to the care that they received at CHLA. Mega Miracle Day (9) The day started with the Mega Miracle Day Expo, where, as corporate partners, we engaged with guests to share our own story and educate them about our specific fundraising campaigns. Mega Miracle Day (3) Immediately after the expo, there were several presentations from CHLA leaders, patient families and special guests. Lucky Soul attended the “Story telling” and “Measuring ROI” breakout sessions, a lot of great information in both. Mega Miracle Day (7) A very special thanks to the entire CHLA team for putting on a great event, it was an honor to attend. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership! Always remember, Anything is Possible.
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